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Carmine D’Alessandro

Carmine D'Alessandro


Carmine D’Alessandro is a New York City-based architect and designer focused on public, institutional, and educational projects at a wide range of scales.

Carmine is currently working on a large regional transit project with Grimshaw, where he joined in early 2017. From 2011-2016, Carmine lived in Boston where he worked for Utile, and before that, attended the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Carmine was a designer for Utile’s renovation and modernization of the Jamaica Plain Branch (2014-2017) and the Dudley Branch (2016-2020) of the Boston Public Library. Carmine also had design, documentation, and construction administration roles for a 35,000 SF renovation of MIT’s Samuel Tak Lee Building (2017). His other experience includes design competitions, tech office interiors, and campus master planning.

At the GSD, Carmine’s master thesis explored the possibilities of America’s urban post-industrial spaces, and proposed the alteration of an early 20th-century grain elevator in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Carmine’s other studies at the GSD included design studios with Jorge Silvetti and Toshiko Mori, as well as coursework in Life Cycle Design, Critical Conservation, and Architectural Detailing. During this time Carmine also participated in summer internships at acclaimed Boston architecture firm Machado Silvetti, and at a traditional Japanese design and construction firm called Yamakyo in Nagano, Japan.

Carmine D’Alessandro is also an alumnus of the University of Florida School of Architecture, where he received his Bachelor of Design in Architecture in 2011. As a part of his degree at UF, Carmine attended the Vicenza Institute of Architecture, where studies focus on design observation/thinking and on the rich architectural history of the region. Carmine also volunteered as a design studio teaching assistant at the University of Florida, and has a continuing interest in teaching. Carmine was instructor at the Boston Architectural College for two courses in the 2015/2016 academic year: Architecture Studio 1 and Spatial Thinking.





Architect at Grimshaw, New  York, NY



Designer at Utile. Boston, MA (2014-2016)

Instructor at the Boston Architectural College. Boston, MA (2015/2016)

Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Master in Architecture (2014)

Intern at Machado SilvettiBoston, MA (2013)

Intern apprentice at Yamakyo Co. Azumino City, Nagano, Japan (2012)

University of Florida School of Architecture, Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Highest Honors  (2011)



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